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When learners have more choices, they can more easily meet their learning needs. Text Tutor open the door making education more easily available to everyone through lecture capture. Some people need to hear information more than once for it to sink in lecture capture make it easy for students to watch as many times as they need to, they can even watch the video at a slower pace if they want . Text Tutor is incredibly useful when students have to miss a class, such as if they get sick or have to go to anywhere. It's also an amazing way to extend material beyond the walls of the classroom, enabling distance learning and supporting students with non-traditional schedules. Making it possible for students to rewatch and swaps the lectures they need.

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I was in 4th grade when my family relocated from Palakkad to Eranakulam. Never having lived away from my small town, my first few months—okay, maybe it was more like a few years—were miserable.